5 Best 3 Inch Lift for Tacoma in 2024【Reviewed】

Are you on the market in search of a Toyota Tacoma 3-inch lift kit in rough country? Don’t worry. These 3-inch lift for Tacoma will sort your problem out in no time!
You’ve pondered over putting a lift kit on your Toyota vehicle because you would like it to appear and function at its peak. You can receive additional height and fit bigger tires with the finest Tacoma lift kit. Finding the proper gear for your requirements, on the other hand, isn’t easy, provided you understand what you’re searching for. That is why we’ve put this detailed article together. We offer solutions that should work whether you’re looking for the 3-inch lift for the 2024 Tacoma lift kit or a raised single-cab Toyota Tacoma. We take a look at some of the most popular models so you can go back on the road in style.

Things to consider before buying:

Finding the 3-inch lift may be difficult with several various brands and models available. Whether you want to create an overland truck or a full-fledged rock crawler, the suspension you install underneath your Toyota Tacoma with a 4-inch lift or 3-inch lift will significantly impact the truck’s capabilities.

Pricing: If you’re on the hunt for the 3-inch lift, pricing, like with almost everything in this pastime, plays a significant influence on whatever you purchase. Inexpensive isn’t always terrible, particularly when you don’t plan on staying off the beaten path too frequently. However, the costlier alternatives offer greater flexibility and may withstand more damage in theory. Spacers and shims are less costly choices that will still get your truck off the floor without spending a fortune, even if the ride comfort isn’t as good.

Durability: For a high-speed double-track desert, a raise that offers tires more durability and is fitted with a monotube or bypassing shock would be ideal. Several high-quality lift kits will provide you with a few more options.

Best 3 Inch Lift for Tacoma 2024:

Here is the list of top 3 Inch Lifts that you can find on the market

TORCH 3" Full Lift Kit10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
Rough Country 3" Lift Kit9 Check Price
KSP 3 inch Lift Kit8.5 Check Price
KSP 3" Front Leveling Lift Kit8 Check Price
Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit7 Check Price

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1. TORCH 3″ Full Lift Kit

Why we love it:

  • It provides a significant amount of ground clearance of 3 feet.
  • The kit’s pricing is shockingly inexpensive when compared to its quality.
  • A differential drop kit for TRD and SR5 vehicles is included in the package.
  • It provides the sensation of the original drive while also providing off-road driving capabilities.

Pros Cons
✅Better Performance
❌No self-locking system
✅Good ground clearance
✅Easy Installation

2. Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit

Why we love it:

  • Premium N3 loaded coil spring struts
  • N3 rear shocks are included in this lift package.
  • You won’t need spacers because the front struts are already raised three inches.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty on the lift kit and three years on shock struts.

Pros Cons
✅Premium Suspension Parts
❌Difficult to assemble
✅Complete Suspension Kit
✅Lifetime Warranty

3. KSP 3inch Lift Kit

Why we love it:

  • Its spacers come with 10.9-grade, heat-treated screws.
  • Its U bolts can withstand pressures ranging from 8 to 150000 psi.
  • The lift blocks in the kit are made of manufactured structural steel that has been zinc-coated.
  • The modification is designed to fit Tacoma vehicles with six lug wheels from 2005 to 2009.

Pros Cons
❌No differential Drop
✅Corrosion resistance
✅3-inch front lift

4. KSP 3″ Front Leveling Lift Kit

Why we love it:

  • This lift kit will quickly raise your front to 3 inches.
  • It provides your truck with an aggressive look that gives extra ground clearance.
  • Due to their aircraft aluminum billet, you can drive safely with this leveling kit.

Pros Cons
✅Professional quality
❌Difficult to assembly
✅Trustworthy warranty
✅Solid Bolts

5. Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit

Why we love it:

  • For simplicity of installation, the device comes with a “pro pack.”
  • To prevent corrosion, the kit’s U bolts are zinc phosphate coated.
  • The package includes spacers with a high “strength-to-weight” ratio.
  • It rebalances the spring assembly’s clamping force to provide a safe lift.

Pros Cons
✅Impressive strength-to-weight ration
❌Not compatible with five lug design
✅Monster truck look
✅Easy assembly


You’ll be prepared to take on the highway and woods never like before after you’ve found the best 3-inch lift for Tacoma. Nothing can stop you now that you’ve raised your height and updated your tires. Show off your new outfits and get ready to embark on some thrilling adventures.

Buyer’s Guide:

Trail Riding

If you plan on tackling a lot of intermediate to rugged terrain, having a gear constructed to withstand damage is a must. Fox 3-inch lift Tacoma, especially the fox 3 ultimate suspension lift kit for 2005 2020, King, the OME BP-51, Icon, Radflo, Bilstein 3-inch lift Tacoma, and virtually any 2.5′′+ adjustable Coilover are examples of higher-tier lift kits. Another factor to take into account is how much load you want to put on your Tacoma. This is something that is sometimes ignored.

Low Spring Rates and Soft-Valved Shocks

Lifts premium serve pleasant driving on roads with moderate track speeds with low spring rates and soft-valved shocks. Larger springs and shocks, on the other side, are required if you enjoy carving curves or frequently tow a large trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium Lift Height for Tacoma?

If you’re going over rougher terrain with huge boulders and stumps, you might like to increase the lift to 3″ -4″. A 6″ lift is significantly more suitable for dealing with even more significant difficulties, such as full-on rock crawling or anything comparable.

Is a 3 Inch Lift Worth it?

Lifting a vehicle offers a lot of advantages, especially in terms of how it looks. Whereas a car with a 3-inch raise may require more frequent fill-ups than a standard truck, the additional petroleum is well worth it. So, yes. It’s worth it!

Does a 3 Inch Lift Make a Difference?

The premium 3-inch lift for Tacoma does make a difference, yes. Don’t be shocked if the disparity between a stock truck and one elevated more than 3 inches is more significant. The equipment necessary to do so is heavier and contributes to more drag to the vehicle.

Is a 3 Inch Lift Noticeable?

You can tell, yes. Since you usually upgrade to a larger tire, such as a Tacoma 3 inch lift 33. So you gain 2 inches of space from a 29″ tire (which was on our 01) to a 33″ tire. + the 2 to 3 inches you gained with the raise.

What is the premium 3-inch lift kit for Tacoma?

In this Toyota Tacoma 3 inch lift kit review, we examined a lot of prospects before finalizing the premium 3-inch lift for Tacoma below:
1. TORCH 3″ Full Lift Kit