Best Differential Fluids in 2023【Top 10 Picks】

Rattling, skipping, and hopping are a few things we have to deal with while your vehicle is on the road.

But fortunately, we are blessed with the unbeatable technology that has made our life even more relaxing. From getting rid of all this, differentials are the component which helps in compensating the difference in distance between both outer and inner wheels as the car moves and travel distance. Differentials are part of the drivetrain, and their function is to equally distribute the power of the vehicle to each wheel. It helps to maintain complete grip while turning your car. Thus, they are a lifesaver.

Things to consider before buying 

  • Lubrication: The oil that is used for lubricating the differential and its internal parts, for example, the ring and pinion gear. It is used for the proper functioning of the differential and protecting it from causing major issues in your vehicle’s smooth running.
  • Duration: The differential fluid makes it possible to work on the differential in the premium condition for a long duration of time. Differential oil is also considered the gear oil, and it performs its function during the high-pressure situation and not like the high-temperature situation which is usually taken by the engine oil.
  • Difference: Differential fluid is much thicker than the engine oil

Best Differential Fluids 2023

Here is the list of some differential fluids that you can easily buy in the market or online.

Product RatingPrice
Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear Oil10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
Lucas Oil 10048 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic8 Check Price
Genuine Honda Fluid 08200-9003 VTM-4 Differential Fluid8.5 Check Price
Mobil 1 104361 75w-90 Synthetic Gear Lube7 Check Price
Valvoline High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil7.5 Check Price

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1. Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear Oil

Why we love it:

  • The synthetic gear oil has proven the prime as it softens the synchronizer’s friction.
  • With this differential fluid, fast shifting of gear has become possible for car drivers.
  • The gear oil has stable viscosity which lasts for a longer period of use.
  • While shifting gears, it allows the perfect smooth clutch engagement without any jerks.

✅Allows faster shifting of gears
❌Bottle design can’t fit every pump
✅Provides the highest degree of protection
✅Improves the differential working efficiency

2. Lucas Oil 10048 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic

Why we love it:

  • This Lucas Oil 10048 synthetic differential fluid is a perfect fit for heavy-duty applications. For such high-performing applications, other gear lube doesn’t do the premium job.
  • The fluid is for long-lasting performance and for providing excellent slickness.
  • For dealing with extremely high pressure it comes with an additive package that ensures softening of gears and helps in preventing it from wringing out during high-pressure situations.
  • It is cabals off resisting high temperature without losing the lubricity.

✅Non-foaming oil
❌Corrosion causing oil
✅Good performance for heavy-duty applications
✅Ability to resist high temperature

3. Genuine Honda Fluid 08200-9003 VTM-4 Differential Fluid

Why we love it:

  • We love this Honda Differential Fluid because its original production is by the Honda Company so there is a guarantee of high-quality fluid.
  • The Genuine Honda VTM-4 is a month those products that never fail to please their users. No disappointment factor is involved after purchasing and using it.
  • API, ACEA, and ILSAC classifications have proved that they fulfill all the latest standards of resource-saving oils.
  • The only fluid which can be poured into the rear wheel gearbox of Genuine Honda VTM-4 vehicles.

✅Superb wear protection
❌Without a suction pump, the differential fluid can't flow.
✅Resists high temperature
✅Capable of meeting Honda quality standards

4. Mobil 1 104361 75w-90 Synthetic Gear Lube

Why we love it:

  • The lubricants are capable of saving the worn gear from corrosion, thermal and oxidative decomposition, and scuffing.
  • During the gear’s shear and friction, this premium differential fluid becomes the reason to reduce viscosity loss.
  • It can work in both high and low temperatures which other gear oils are not capable of.
  • Because of its sheer stability, it tends to increase the drain intervals when reducing wear.

✅Excellent shear stability
❌Not made for GL-4 applications
✅Protect from corrosion
✅Excellent limited-slip performance

5. Valvoline High Performance SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil

Why we love it:

  • An amazing gear oil that protects the gear wear from corrosion, scuffing, pitting, and scouring.
  • They can be used for limited-slip hypoid differentials of passenger cars, vans, heavy-duty vehicles, and light trucks.
  • They can resist extreme temperatures for long service life.
  • It is designed to resist high pressure as well which helps in reducing the shock loads.

✅Beneficial for hypoid differentials
❌Not suitable for regular manual transmissions
✅Made specifically for API GL-4 and GL-5
✅Resists high-pressure and high-temperature

Bonus Section

  • Royal Purple 01300 Max Gear
  • Lucas Oil 10047 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Transmission and Differential Lube


To sum up the review, we are glad to say that all the products we have reviewed in the article are the premium from the market. Looking at the durability, affordability, and premium feature those are the Best Differential Fluids. To get more details get down to the buyer guide.

Buyer’s Guide:

In the briefly explained buyer guide, we are about to cover all the factors which should be considered before purchasing the premium Differential Fluid for your vehicle.


The major and the most essential factor to keep in mind while looking for a premium Differential Fluid is viscosity. You can see the viscosity-related information in the component’s maintenance manual. For the premium working of any gear lube, the correct API rating and viscosity factors help out.

Gear Oil Additives:

We have repeatedly discussed the point in the separate review of each product that gear oil is capable of overcoming extreme pressure and temperature in most differentials. To extend the gear oil lubricating qualities, an extreme pressure additive is helpful. We have seen two different additives i.e., Sulfurized synthetic additives and phosphorus-based additives. In both of them, the phosphorus-based additives are more in demand and are more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of differential fluid?

The differential fluid does the following things:

  • It lubricates the major parts like the gears, clutch packs, and bearings.
  • By lubricating the pinion gears and ring its function is to move power equally to all the wheels for their proper functioning.
  • Its major function is to cool the differential and lubricating it with time.

When is there a need to change the Differential Fluid?

The answer to this question can be possible given the manufacturer. In this regard, always consult the owner’s manual. Most probably the differential fluid should be changed after every 30000 to 50000 miles, which is recommended.

How is the appearance of differential fluid?

The differential fluid is much thicker than the engine oil but it looks like it. Coming on, the differential fluids are of two types; one is the natural oil called mineral oil and another one is the based fluid known as crude oil. Further synthetic differential fluids are those which are manufactured in labs.

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