7 Best Lift Kits for Tacoma 2024 [Top Brands Reviewed]

You will agree when I say,

For better quality of riding and greater clearance lift kit is the most convincing option.

When you are interested in off-roading and want to fit bigger tires with your car or truck, then it is a must to have the premium lift kit for Tacoma. People who are interested in much more challenging off-roading adventures and need premium quality tires for their truck or car also look for a lift kit that can help with better performance. When you are planning to invest in a lift kit for Tacoma, you have to make sure that you are considering a few aspects. The lift kit for Tacoma will help out will installation and leveling within no time. The premium part is that it is easy to install.

Today, we will have a look at the perfect products for your convenience.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Trail riding is another most important component to consider when getting the lift to get for Tacoma. You have to check the overall weight that will be added to your truck with the lift kit. It is an important aspect to consider because not all trucks can handle the lift kit weight.
  • Different kinds of lift kits A few of the different kinds of lift kits include coil-overs. The adjustability of these lift kits is a lot different than the others. However, people do not opt for this kind usually because of the cost. One other kind is the basic suspension left that is popular among people, and it is also easy to moderate. It is definitely a perfect choice for daily drivers to cover better drivability. Spacers and shims are the other two kinds. These are the perfect options for offroading purposes. For additional lifting purposes, the Shim lift kit is definitely perfect.

Best Lift Kit for Tacoma 2024:

Here is the list of top Lift Kit for Tacoma that you can find on the market

2” Front Leveling lift kits for Tacoma10 [Editors Choice]
Torch 3” Full lift kit9
ZY wheel 3” front and 2” rear leveling kit8.5
3’’ Front and 2” rear leveling lift kit for Tacoma8
Supreme suspensions – Full kit7

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1. 2” Front Leveling lift kits for Tacoma

Why we love it:

  • It is an all-in-one product that does not require other tools.
  • It is easy to install and has 6 lug installations.
  • It is built with premium quality aircraft aluminum.
  • It comes with a maximum lifting height of 2 inches.
Pros Cons
✅Great Performance
❌No self-locking system
✅High ground clearance
✅Installation doesn't take long

2. Torch 3” Full lift kit

Why we love it:

  • It is designed especially for Tacoma and makes it the prime lift kit for Tacoma up to 2024 models.
  • It comes with a step by step guide which makes the installation easier.
  • It improves the overall look of Tacoma by placing the tires with the prime alignment.
  • It comes with 2” rear tapered lift blocks.
Pros Cons
✅It can install customized rims.

❌Axle shims are not included
✅No extra tool is required.
✅Lifetime Warranty

3. ZY wheel 3” front and 2” rear leveling kit

Why we love it:

  • It gives a quick lift to the truck, 3-inch for the front and 2-inch for the rear.
  • It delivers an aggressive and classy look to Tacoma.
  • It is easy to install, so it is the prime lift kit for Tacoma that you can find.
  • It does not require strut dissemble.
Pros Cons
✅It comes with additional fender for larger wheels.

❌It does not lift 5-lug models.
✅Corrosion resistance
✅Quick and easy installation

4. 3’’ Front and 2” rear leveling lift kit for Tacoma

Why we love it:

  • It comes with u-bolts that are perfect for delivering a thread pitch.
  • It is made of aluminum which gives long-lasting stability.
  • It comes with 3” maximum lifting height.
  • It comes with heat-treated studs.
Pros Cons
✅It delivers high accuracy and stability.

❌It does not lift 5 lugs model of Tacoma.
✅The kit does not disassemble.
✅Solid Bolts

5. Supreme suspensions – Full kit

Why we love it:

  • The full kit comes with multiple components making it the ultimate choice.
  • It comes with easy bolt installation with billet Aluminum.
  • It gives an aggressive look with a metal building.
Pros Cons
✅Impressive strength-to-weight ration
❌Some instructions are missing.
✅Metal fabrication technology
✅It gives 3” front lift and 2” rear lift.

Bonus Section:

  • Leveling KSP spacers
  • Torch Rear Toyota Tacoma lift kit


Now that you have seen the top lift kits for the Tacoma option, you can finally decide which one is the appropriate one for you. Based on the different types of drivers, you can choose the different types of lift kits. For the daily drivers, you can always use the basic suspension lift option. Whereas for moderate offroading, you can get the spacer lift. For off-roading and advanced offroading purposes, it is important that you get a lift kit that is robust and Competent. Make sure you are checking different types for excellent functioning and better efficiency.

These were the premium lift kit for Tacoma. Now you can choose the premium kit and enjoy hassle-free installations. All these products were selected carefully to give the premium experience for your Tacoma truck. Now, you can elevate your truck and change tires without thinking twice. The premium part is that you do not have to spend hours on installation.

Buyer’s Guide:

The major reason for getting the lift kit for Tacoma is because it Raises the truck a little higher from the ground. With greater ground clearance from the ground, the performance of the track is a lot better. Usually, the suspension lift kits work incredibly well with drastically increasing the center of gravity for your truck. This lift kit for Tacoma will raise the frame of the truck comprehensively, giving more space to the radiator and other exposed components.


The lift kids are usually extensive; however, you can still look for better options providing you with greater results. There are some of the media ranged lift kits for Tacoma available that will definitely not break the bank but will also provide you with the excellent functioning and the appropriate compression and adjustability that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premium lift kit for Tacoma?

The premium lift kit for Tacoma is 2” Front Leveling lift kits for Tacoma. You can find this one not only at affordable prices, but you will also enjoy using this because of its excellent functioning.

Can you install the lift kit at home?

The lift kit can be easily installed at home without any difficulty. However, it might require a greater time and a bit of experience for the installation. If you do not have a lot of experience, then it is best to hire a professional.

What should be done after the lift kit installation?

Once the lift kit installation is completed, you have to work on the adjustment of the lift kit. Usually, it might take some time to alter and adjust the suspension and the height of the truck. However, if the steering is not properly adjusted, it can be difficult for you to drive the truck.