7 Best Rims for Tacoma in 2024【Designs & Guide】

The rims for Tacoma and wheels are what many owners get after getting a Toyota Tacoma. But, if you don’t get prepared for it, a simple process can become a nightmare.

Most off-roaders and outdoor enthusiasts opt for the Toyota Tacoma, which is the most popular midsize truck. Tacoma rims are a great way to customize your vehicle. Since there are a variety of different choices of great rims. You are likely to get confused about picking the rim that works the great. To help you out in your search to find great rims, I have put together a list of all the top choices of rims. Intrigued? Let’s read below.

Things to consider before buying:

Offset A mounting pad’s offset is determined by its position relative to the wheel’s centerline. A 0 offset means that the mounting pad gets directly aligned at the center of the wheel. In positive offset, the mounting pad gets positioned out towards the wheel’s outer side. While in a negative balance, the mounting pad is in the inside position. Meaning, in positive offset the wheels are closer or inward to the truck. When in negative offset the wheels are set in an outwards position. A negative offset is when the truck gets lifted to install a wider wheel and tire setup.

Tacoma Tire Sizes Getting great rims and tires for Toyota Tacoma can be confusing if you don’t know about the two primary readings for measurements. These are the metrics and tire sizing standards.

Steel: Steel wheels are downright the premium off-road wheels for Tacoma. They come at a much cheaper price than aluminum wheels. Their construction is very solid, and they perform extremely well off-road.

Best Rims for Tacoma 2024

Here is the list of top Rims that you can find on the market

Helo HE835 Gloss Black Machined Wheel10 [Editor's Choice]
RockTrix RT107 17 inch Wheel9
Pro Comp Alloys Series 32 Wheel8
RockTrix RT111 17 inch Wheel8.5
RockTrix RT110 17 inch Wheel7.5
PRO COMP Series 31 Stryker Matte Black Wheel7

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1. Helo HE835 Gloss Black Machined Wheel

Why we love it:

  • These wheels are available in 17″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ diameters.
  • It has aluminum construction which makes it lighter and sturdy.
  • Super stylish black and silver mesh design.
  • Weather-resistant glossy finish.
✅Modern and stylish design.
❌It would be best if you got lugs separately.
✅Available in different Tacoma rims sizes.
❌High price.
✅The milled accents have a unique outlook.

2. RockTrix RT107 17 inch Wheel

Why we love it:

  • The bore of the rim is about 106.1 having an offset of -12 and a backspacing of 4.5″
  • The rims have a 6×5.5″ (6×139.7) bolt pattern.
  • It comes in 17×9 inches size.
  • The 6 V-Spoke design has a unique sports styling that looks amazing with Toyota Tacoma
✅Affordable price.
❌Lug nuts don't come included in the package.
✅Stylish layout.
❌Separate steam valves may be needed.
✅Versatile use.

3. Pro Comp Alloys Series 32 Wheel

Why we love it:

  • These 16×8-inch wheels are also available in 17 or 18-inch tires for Tacoma.
  • The Hub bore of these rims is 108mm.
  • It comes with a 6-offset rating.
  • The wheels have a black finish that offers excellent weather resistance.
✅Beautiful painted black finish.❌You need to buy lug nuts separately.
✅Solid construction perfect for rugged terrains.❌Beadlock is just a style addition.
✅Easy maintenance.❌It requires a spacer for an ideal fit.

4. RockTrix RT111 17 inch Wheel

Why we love it:

  • These rims come with a 6×5.5″ bolt pattern and a 17×9 wheel size
  • You get to have about 1/2″ in space for inner clearance
  • Perfect for SUVs, Tacoma trucks, Ford Ranger and Lexus.
  • These come in super chic mat black and bronze finish.
✅Versatile functionality.
❌The valve stem doesn't come along.
✅Great value for money.
❌Some users faced rubbing issues.
✅The black finish stays intact even in the most extreme weather conditions.

5. RockTrix RT110 17 inch Wheel

Why we love it:

  • Classic mesh type design.
  • It comes with seven split spokes and a simulated bead lock.
  • The rims have a very rugged yet stylish outlook.
  • These rims fit a whole variety of SUVs and trucks.
✅Perfect for off-roading.
❌Fenders, leveling kit, or lift kit needed to fit bigger sized tires.
✅Durable built doesnt crack, bend or vibrate.
❌The bronze color looks different in pictures than in actual.
✅Rims have a lightweight yet rigid feel.

6. PRO COMP Series 31 Stryker Matte Black Wheel

Why we love it:

  • From 15 to 20 inches, there are a variety of sizes available.
  • Accommodates several types of vehicles.
  • Solid, durable steel alloy construction.
  • The matt black coating protects the wheel from oxidation.
✅Great price.
❌Lug nuts don't come along with rims.
✅Easy to maintain and clean.
❌You need to install spacers for a better fit.
✅Rigid, resilient construction.

7. PTR20-35110-BK

Why we love it:

  • Split five designs with TRD PRO Spoke.
  • Attractive matt black finish.
  • An authentic design by Toyota Racing Development (TRD).
  • You can even paint over your TRD wheels for more customization.
✅Boosts performance.
❌It doesn’t fit the 2020 Tacoma.
✅Excellent grip.
✅Aesthetically pleasing design.

Bonus Section

  • RTX, Steel Rim, New Aftermarket Wheel
  • Pacer Black Modular 15 Black Wheel/Rim
  • PRO COMP Series 05 Torq Matte Black


Having read the article, I hope you won’t have a hard time finding the best rims for Tacoma. The rims, offset, and aftermarket rims mentioned in mine will surely give the premium performance. But, amongst all the RTX rims are sure going to elevate the performance of your Toyota Tacoma.

Buyer’s Guide:

Before you go on and get a wheel or rim for your Tacoma, it is advisable to do proper research. A Tacoma wheel and tire package that looks good might not go well with your truck. You can also end up investing all your money in a package that doesn’t fit well with your truck. The following is a guide to help you choose the premium rims for Tacoma I have listed down some essential points that you need to look out for.

Wheel Sizes

When it comes to getting the premium rims for Tacoma it always remembers the 3% rule. Before changing the ride height or wheels, you need to increase the height and width of the tires by 3%.

Center Bore

It is the hole in the center of a wheel that is called the center bore. From here, the wheel gets centered around the hub. When getting a rim, you need to make sure the hole matches the Hub, significantly when tightening lugs. Wheels in an aftermarket usually have a centering ring. They work to reduce the size of the bore, so it’s easy to fit in the Hub of any material. When lugs get torqued the ring keeps the wheels in place.

Bolt Pattern/Bolt Circle

On your wheel, you can see the bolt pattern in the form of a circle with four to eight bolts. It would be premium to make sure that the number of bolts matches the number of holes on the wheel. Also, you need to know the exact number of bolt circles; otherwise, your wheel won’t fit properly.


Same as any other tire, Tacoma tires also use a metric system to determine their sizing. E.g., 195/75R14 is an expected reading of a Tacoma tire. In this reading, the first 195 mm means the tire width. The next thing to check is the sidewall measurement. In the tire reading given, the sidewall measurement is the 75% width of the tire. The last number of the height defines whether or not your if the rim will fit the tire. The reading 195/75R14 tells us that the tire is going to fit a 14-inch rim. While calculating the tire’s height, you need to take out the 75% of 195mm then multiply it by two. Later convert the result to inches and add it to the rim height. This will give you the height of the tire you need for a proper fit.


Tacoma tires have standard measurements depending upon the model and year. Like the Tacoma models between the years 1995 to 2018, all have different tire and wheels measurements.

Wheel Material

If you are planning to take your Tacoma for off-roading, then you need to have unique wheels. Wheels are made of sturdy and durable materials to have better resistance, perfect for rugged use to withstand all the stress. For off-roading, the premium choice of wheels to get on rugged terrains is either aluminum or steel wheels. Both are perfect for use, but each has its advantages.


All the premium aftermarket Tacoma wheels have an aluminum construction. The reason for this is that aluminum wheels are extremely lightweight. As a result, you can go faster and stop whenever you want. Aluminum wheels cost more, so many people are not interested in purchasing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nice rims worth it?

Rims not only enhance the overall look of your Tacoma truck. But, the premium rims for Tacoma also improve the overall performance giving a more smooth feel. The size changes also significantly impact the overall alignment, handling, acceleration, and braking.

Why are black rims popular?

The most common perception of black rims is that the darker the wheels, the smaller the size. Even if you get rims with a large size, they won’t look too apparent due to their dark color. Also, the black rims look super stylish along with a white exterior.

Do lightweight rims make a difference?

Yes, all the premium rims and tires for Tacoma are super light. The main reason behind this is that the more golden the wheel or the edges, the better the performance. It is because lightweight rims help to reduce the overall mass of the vehicle. It, in turn, helps the suspension to work more effectively.

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