250+ Food Truck Names【Badass, Cool & Funny】

Naming a Food Truck business isn’t easy, especially if it is close to your heart. 

A big motorized vehicle or trailer that is outfitted to produce, prep, deliver, and sell foodstuffs is referred to as a food truck. Some food trucks, such as iced creams trucks, offer food that has been frozen or premade; others have kitchens on board and create food from hand, or they reheat food that was produced in a professional kitchen that is located in bricks.

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Bread, pizzas, and other types of localized fast food fare like french fries and patties are very widespread. At the beginning of the early 21st century, the pop-up restaurant boom was in full swing, and food trucks that offered gourmet cuisine as well as a range of specialties and ethnic menus were becoming more popular.

There is a possibility that cold drinks such as water and soda pop may be sold from food trucks as well. The street food sector, which feeds an estimated 1.5 billion people every day, is comprised of many different parts, the most prominent of which are food trucks, lunch kiosks, and food vendors.

Chinese Names

One of the most well-liked culinary traditions throughout the globe is Chinese food. The Chinese culinary tradition has adapted through time to include the flavors that are prevalent in the areas to which it has expanded, including other regions of East Asia, the United States of America, and Europe. The fabled history of China, which includes its culture and customs and dates back thousands of years, is another source of inspiration for Chinese food.

It is good to select a name that people anticipate and are familiar with when naming a Chinese food truck that is located outside of China. When people are hungry for Chinese cuisine and they are strolling down the street, these are the phrases that they seek. The most used for Chinese food trucks names are

  • Beijing Roasted Duck.
  • Kung Pao Chicken.
  • Sweet and Sour Pork.
  • Hot Pot.
  • Cantonese Dim Sum.
  • Dumplings.
  • Ma Po Tofu.
  • Cantonese Char Siu.

Funniest Names

The truck is considered to be funny when you find funny pictures displayed on the exterior, this is one top tricks to attract kids such as the ice cream truck which displays Santa Claus on their truck to gather kids’ attention, kids can also find their favorite cartoon on the exterior as well. The most used and funniest truck names are

  • The Taco Station
  • Munch Mobile
  • Southern Grill
  • Toasted Tortilla

Potato Names 

Potato is one of the top-selling eatables and is included in several dishes, from serving as a food stall with tires to potato trucks you can find several spots like these. When there are several potato trucks than you have to name your truck in such as unique way that it attracts the public’s attention. The most used potato food trucks names are

  • A Lotta Potatoes
  • The Cheesy Potato
  • The Hot Potato
  • Twice-Baked Potato Shed

Dirty Names

In this modern world where creativity is increasing every day, naming your truck after something dirty might sound cool. Consider your truck selling something that leaves behind dirt in your vehicle so this is how you can name it after some dirty thing. Naming it something dirty would involve humor as well so that it won’t sound actually what the name means. The most used dirty truck names are

  • Chomp
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink Food Truck
  • Fantastic Sandwiches
  • Sandwich Shack

Healthy Names

You are selling healthy food items and are looking for a name for your truck. Don’t worry we got you covered. A truck selling healthy food such as salad, green veggies, and food rich in protein and fiber can display the advantages of eating healthy things on the outer display, it may also include pictures of vegetables and fruits. Sandwiches that require less oil and more fry-less materials, wallpapers of calories counts of various food items that would be beneficial for the public as well as good for knowledge. The most used healthy truck names are

  • BBQ in Town
  • Mac ‘n’ BBQ Truck
  • Wings on Wheels

Sandwich Names

Sandwich food trucks are considered to be top-selling food items in the state, the thing about sandwiches is that they can be customized with any material such as cheese, sauces, and add-ons. Naming your sandwich food truck after something foody can be a lot creative, you can name your truck after some sauces or add-ons. The most used sandwich names are

  • All Things Sandwich
  • Between Bread
  • No Substitute Subs

Burger Names

Burgers, which can be customized with any ingredient such as cheese, sauces, and add-ons, are widely regarded as the state’s top-selling food products. The nicest part about burgers is that they can be made to taste exactly as the customer wants them to. You may be quite creative by naming your burgers food truck after anything related to food; You could name your truck after one of the toppings or sauces that you provide. The most used burger names are

  • Big Fat Burger Joint
  • Smokin’ Burger House
  • Spicy Burger

Breakfast Names

In today’s society, where inventiveness is growing at an exponential rate every day, calling your vehicle after anything naughty could seem hip. Toasted, omelets, crepes,  pastries, and sausages or pork chops are the mainstays of the breakfast menu at mobile food trucks. It’s possible to inject a lot of creativity into your breakfast food truck by giving it a name related to food. The most used breakfast truck names are

  • Breakfast in a Truck
  • Breakfast Burrito Bus
  • Omelet Station

Spicy Names

The taste of spicy foods is described as intense, robust, and pungent. Both hot chili peppers and the meal that is prepared with them are known for their intense heat. Since the cuisines of India, Thailand, and Mexico are recognized for having a high level of heat, those who do not like spicy foods may be apprehensive to explore spicy food trucks that serve food from these nations. The most used spicy food names are

  • Chomp
  • Bistro Bus
  • The Food Wagon
  • Ultimate Grub
  • Street Food 4 U

Pizza Names

The names given to the pizza food trucks are highly appealing, as the names themselves imply. Pizza pics are often shown on the outside designs of mobile pizza food trucks, shops, and carts. The most used pizza food names are

  • Slice of Life
  • Rolling in Pizza Dough
  • Pizzalicious
  • Perfect Pizza

Asian Names

It is possible that in today’s world when originality is rising at an exponential pace every day, it may look cool to name your automobile after anything that contains food. Mainstays of the menu at mobile food trucks include spicy and Asian foods.

If you give your Asian food truck a name that has anything to do with food, you have the opportunity to pour a lot of creativity into it. The most used Asian food names are

  • Pho to Go
  • Ready 4 Ramen
  • Kabob House
  • The Traveling Kabob

Dessert Names

The dinner is finished off with a dish known as a dessert food. The dessert course consists of sugary treats like candies and maybe alcoholic drinks like dessert wine or liqueur. There is a customary absence of a dessert course at the end of a meal in some regions of the globe, including the majority of West Africa and Central Africa, as well as much of China. This is the case in these regions. Some wine pictures and ice creams are the exterior design of dessert food trucks. The most used dessert food names are

  • Roving Baker
  • Sweet Tooth Mobile Bakery
  • Cake on a Stick
  • Heavenly Ice Cream

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Coffee Names

As the name suggests the coffee truck names are very attractive. The exterior designs of coffee trucks often include depictions of beverages such as coffee and tea. The most used coffee truck names are

  • Caffeine Corner
  • Mornin’ Joe
  • The Coffee Grinder
  • Gourmet Coffee To Go
  • World’s top Coffee


Even though it requires a significant amount of dedication to run an effective truck company, providing stuff out of a vehicle is a pretty joyful way to make revenue. To run a strong truck service, running a food truck venture is quite pleasurable.

However, once you settle on a title for a new food trailer, there are a few activities you need to do to generate suggestions for food vehicle names. Even though coming up with original names for food trucks is a highly significant task, there is not a lot of work involved.

How do I pick a name for my Food Truck startup?

You need to give some thought to naming trends and customs that are appropriate for the kind of company you run. How do different brands inside the food trailer sector communicate with one another? Are most names serious or whimsical? Are they rooted in history, or do they represent contemporary thought and experimentation? Carry out some research and compile a list, to generate ideas, of the most intriguing and original titles for street food startups that you find appealing.

How do I come up with a good Food Truck name?

Consider the fundamentals of the Food Trailer business and the values it represents to better understand its foundation. You may also use our company moniker generators for food trucks to assist you launched on the right foot. It will uncover lots of excellent business title suggestions for food trailers and food stalls in a short amount of time for you.

How Do I Name My Pizza Food Truck?

Researching each of the greatest applicable pizza phrases is necessary to come up with a title that is distinct and understandable for a food truck company that specializes in a pizzeria or any other kind of meal mobile with a particular topic.

Catchy Food Truck Names