350+ Taco Truck Names in 2024【Badass, Funny & Cool】

To put it simply, a taco truck is a mobile food vendor that offers tacos and other forms of Mexican cuisine. There are a few taco trucks that also provide fusion food.

It is one of the sorts of food trucks that is seen the most often. The majority of taco trucks prepare their tacos right there on the spot. Because college students often use them, taco trucks and other types of food trucks are abundant in the areas around educational institutions. Even while taco trucks may be found in cities all over the globe, the most common places to find them are in Mexican-American and Los Angeles-based communities. Taco trucks have been the target of competition from traditional eateries in several places, including Los Angeles.

taco truck

This is because taco trucks often charge lesser prices for their meals than many restaurants do. In the past, taco trucks were seen as unsanitary and unhealthy places to eat; however, this perception has changed in recent years. Taquero Fusion, Chicago’s Original Taco Truck, came up with a solution that allowed them to continue serving their customer’s excellent tacos even though Chicago is the only city in the United States that does not permit cooking on mobile food trucks. Simply return for more tacos, I prepared tacos for you to eat are taco truck slogans.

Unique Names

There is only one way to get over the tragedy of your place of employment catching fire, and that is to start your own company. Los Angeles is in a better place as a direct consequence of the taco trailer owners in Malibu doing just that, which led to the establishment of the business. Sabor A Malibu is located in the same place on the Pacific Coast Highway as it was before, and they are open from the morning until the afternoon. The most used unique truck names are

  • Big B’s Taco Shop
  • Bean Burrito Express
  • Taco Truck Go
  • Good Time Tacos
  • Madtown Taco Shop
  • Sidewalk Taco Grill
  • No Way Tacos
  • Smokey Taqueria
  • Wyatt’s Taco Express
  • Taco Town Truck
  • Crown Taco Truck
  • Tacos Caliente
  • Azteca Taco

Funny Names


Funny names are one technique to be discovered and stay in people’s memories. The challenge, though, is to avoid making it so absurd and out of place that consumers are unable to understand whatever it is that you are offering to them.

You always want people to know that you operate a taco truck, so developing a pun on the many phrases used in Mexico or even on the products you use might provide you an advantage over the other businesses that are highly recognizable. The most used funny taqueria truck names are

  • Holy Guacamole
  • The Mexican Wrap
  • Guerrilla Tacos
  • The Mad Mexican
  • Rolling Guacamole

Mexican Names

You have such a wide variety of options available for choosing the title of your own mobile food company. Although the term “taco” is a great way to convey the nature of the products you will be offering, you aren’t restricted to utilizing only one term in your title. Because tacos are a popular Mexican dish, and one that is perhaps more well-known compared to any other, adopting virtually any Mexican phrase may assist your taco trailer in becoming well and successful. The most used Mexican taco names are

  • The Salsa Shack
  • Taco Tuesday’s
  • The Taco Shell
  • Taco 2Go
  • Taco Mexico

Unusual Name

Names for taco trucks may be derived either from the food they serve or from the jokes that are created using Mexican food and its components. You might also use a wide number of different phrases from Mexico, such as Spanish terms and words or Mexican terms and ideas. In the end, it is a well-known truth that tacos have been there for many centuries before the Spanish colonization of this region of the globe. In addition, tacos are considered to be one of the classic Mexican foods. The most used unusual truck names are

  • Parrilla de Taco Mexicano
  • South Of The Border
  • The Fresh Tortilla

Famous Names

La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine in Los Angeles is here to assist you regardless of whether you have a hankering for conventional tacos and the tastiest burritos or if you are eager to broaden your palette to anything unique. It is famous for the professionalism of its catering service, the authenticity of its food, and the tantalizing tastes it offers.

You may get the Mexiphilly, which is a combination of tacos and steak, or you can get the veg burritos if you want to get anything for your vegan friends. Catering services from La Fiesta Mexican Cuisine are offered to customers located anywhere in the Los Angeles area. The most used famous truck names are

  • Chili’s Taco Shop
  • A&W Taco Shop
  • Tacotop Taqueria
  • Big A Taco Food

Taco Slogans 

The fact that they provide new bargains every day is one of the aspects of their business which people enjoy the most. However, in addition to those incredible fries, the crew also prepares a variety of tortillas and a typical Mexican stuffed pizza.

A variety of delicious Mexican snacks are available, like Bunuel chips, el chico de Los churros, and sometimes perhaps spicy roasted corn on the grains. Yes, you read it correctly, but you won’t truly trust it until you try it for yourself. The most used great truck names are

  • Rancho Tasting Room
  • Taco Truck Rascals
  • Tacolicious

Birria Names 

Get out of your comfort zone and inside The Tropical Trailer, either you’re a seasoned expert on tacos or a novice looking for an exciting new experience. The novel combination of Caribbean food prepared in the manner of Miami and traditional dishes from Latin America results in the creation of fillings such as scream chicken and lemon crab.

The philosophy of the husband-and-wife team is to provide nutritious, freshly prepared cuisine that is also as tasty as is humanly feasible. The most used birria taco names are


  • Tex-Mex Kitchen
  • Tex-Mex Grill
  • Tortilla Street Food
  • Mexican Street Food

A big motorized vehicle or trailer that is specifically designed to make, serve and sell food is known as a food truck. Some food trucks, such as ice cream trucks, offer food that has been frozen or premade, others have kitchens on board and create food from scratch, or they reheat food that was produced in a professional kitchen that is located in a brick-and-mortar location.

Dirty Truck Names 

It’s possible that giving your vehicle a name that refers to anything filthy might seem hip in today’s contemporary society, where originality is growing every day. Think about the fact that your truck sells something that leaves behind dirt in your car, and use this as a way to give it a name that refers to anything dirty. It would be funny to call it something horrible since then it wouldn’t sound like what the name signifies at all. The most used dirty taco food truck names are

  • Tack It Taco
  • Cityboy’s Tacos
  • Red Hots Taqueria
  • Mexico Camino

Check out Food Truck Names

Street Names 

If you make Joey’s Tacos your go-to spot for breakfast tacos, you won’t ever want to go anywhere else. You have the option of loading up on protein for breakfast with items such as beef, pig, chicken, and pork; this will allow you to feel strong for the whole of your day. Those who have a hankering for anything very conventional might try the fiery huevos rancheros or the elite. The most used street truck names are

  • Vegan Taco Truck
  • Californian Taco Co.
  • The Happy Taco
  • Southern Taco Co.
  • Taco Mexicano

Healthy Names

The advantages of eating healthy items may be shown prominently on the outside of a truck that sells nutritious foods such as salad, green vegetables, meals high in protein and fiber, and so on. The truck may also feature photographs of various berries and vegs. Burgers that use less oil and more fry-free ingredients, and posters of the calorie counts of different food products that would be helpful for the consumers as well as great for information; are some ideas that might be considered. The most  used healthy truck names in Spanish are

  • Those Taco Bros
  • Taco Brothers
  • The Taco Truck
  • The Rolling Taco

Astonishing Names

If you have a passion for fusion, this is the ideal location for you to be in. Your appetites for Korean and Mexican cuisine may both be satiated with the menu selections available here, such as rice bowls and tacos made with beef or chicken from the Bob Cha restaurant.

There are some rather unique options available for dessert as well, like cake pops, biscuits, and miniature cupcakes. You also have the option to just take one of everything and divide it among your group of pals The most used astonishing truck names are.

  • TrueRoadtruck
  • All Taco Fun
  • Tacos y Burritos
  • The Food Dude

Cool Names

If you desire a title for your truck name which will bring you a smile each time you hear it, then must pay some consideration to pick a beautiful name for it. The most used cool truck names are

  • Arizona Taco Kings
  • A to Z Taco Shoppe
  • Los Tocos Tijuana
  • Taco Tonto

How do I pick a name for my Taco Food Truck startup?

There are several reasons why you must choose an appropriate moniker for your Mexican restaurant. The selection of trade mark establishes the style that your company, determines your reputation, promotes your company at gatherings, and makes it easier for individuals to discover you whenever they are looking for you across the internet. Because of this, you need to choose a memorable name for your taco stand that sets it apart from the competition and provides you an edge over other dining establishments, so that you may promote your company with greater ease.

How do I come up with a unique Taco Food Truck name?

When deciding on a unique title for your tortilla truck company, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration. Make sure to keep it brief, uncomplicated, and easy to recall. Consider the dishes that you wish to have available on the menus. Make it related to burritos. Ensure that individuals will have no trouble pronouncing and spelling your name. It has to be creative, but not excessively strange or drawn out.

What are the steps to choosing a creative name for your Taco Truck?

Several methods may be used to accomplish this goal, including the utilization of topic-related terms, equivalents, acronyms, endings, the combination of words that trigger feelings, and the utilization of terms from those different languages which are simple to declare.


The conclusion is as follows. We wish that you found this list of potential names for your tacos cuisine mobile company to be helpful. If any of those suggestions were precise whawereou were sabout searching for your taqueria name attempts or perhaps you picked parts and sections between a couple of them, we believe that our guidance has brought quality to your process of identifying your taco vehicle. Keep in mind that cultural significance, originality, and recognizability are the three qualities that make up a fantastic title for a taco trailer.

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