What are Tacoma TRD Pro Wheels? [Guide 2024]

Tacoma TRD Pro is part of Toyota’s TRD series for off-road, heavy-duty drivers. This truck has an extremely powerful engine with a sleek design and provides a fantastic experience exceeding other rivals. It is an excellent truck for off-road expertise and comes with the security of Toyota’s TRD series. Five seat capacity as well as decent mileage. The only drawback is the V6 engine which has a low horsepower than the widely acknowledged V8. Among the engine’s many features is the 3.5-liter V6 with 278 horsepower. It has all sorts of nifty maneuvers to develop further mileage, such as variable valve timing and the use of what many refer to as the Atkinson cycle. Gives you 18/22/20 miles on the Tacoma TRD Pro I reviewed. Excessive mileage is a staple of Toyota trucks, but with many fuel-flavored crossovers the company sells, the scales can be adjusted. Apparently, owners of the Toyota Tacoma don’t care, and they need a vehicle capable of taking them up the mountain and back down again.

Tacoma’s hugely modern buttons and handles may appear older, with some truck manufacturers putting colossal iPad-sized touchscreens on their devices. That’s just the Tacoma, however, and these handles work amazingly well with gloves on. In addition, the Tacoma owners do not consider this a hindrance. Clunky manual transmission and awkward road-handling do not matter to Toyota owners. They wouldn’t mind the cramped cabin either, especially in the back row.

Toyota TRD series

Toyota Racing Development series (TRD) has been an integral part of motorsport for several years and has achieved triumphs in various races on rough terrain. The TRD Pro Series currently offers authentic off-road vehicles for particularly courageous drivers. TRD Pro models are equipped with the best equipment and materials to convey exceptional execution in an unexpected direction. The current TRD Pro range includes Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner, each complemented by a variety of TRD tuned components to get the business done.


Toyota launched its TRD or Toyota racing development to improve its existing vehicles and their performances. The series came with various new models, which gained the public eye through new and remarkable features. Along with multiple vehicles, this generation also required some specific parts and accessories specially designed for sports racing. TRD USA is a branch of Toyota to enhance the brand racing lines in United States racing circles. The special accessories that TRD offers include Bolt-on headers, sports silencers, and cat-back exhausts, which are permitted under emissions law in 50 countries. Brake accessories and cold air intakes are also manufactured and sold, including complete brake kits, stainless steel braided calipers, rotors, and brake lines. Separate performance brake pads are also sold. Air and oil filters are offered. Modifications are available under other performance kits. These are some of the best things in the sports racing industry, and Toyota launched them all with a bang.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro wheels

Special equipment designed by Toyota for these sports vehicles included tires and wheels along with rims. This stuff gained wide acknowledgment from car enthusiasts because of its quality in sports tracks, off-road trails, and heavy-duty trail tracking. The introduction of these pro-class pick-up trucks also increased the demand for heavy-duty wheels and rims. Then come the tires, which are Goodyear Wrangler All Terrains in size 265 / 70R16. It is the same tire brand and size that TRD Pro Tacoma has already used. The distinctive TRD Pro models use a large number of tire suppliers for recording. Equipped with Michelins and TRD Pro 4Runners accompany Nittos.
After all, the TRD Pro shades were regularly not radically the same as the rest of the Toyota setup, offering another select annual shade each year that is exceptional for the TRD Pro line and includes all of the shades of TRD Pro models Sequoia, Tundra. United and 4Runner, and not available on non-TRD Pro models, the line appeared with an iridescent orange called Inferno. In recent years, colors like Voodoo Blue, Army Green, Quicksand, and last year’s gray-green called Lunar Rock have been highlighted.

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Installing new wheels is a standard upgrade for regular people. Installation of the wheel might be due to a variety of reasons. Some of these are listed here.
The first and most important of all is reshaping your truck or vehicle according to your demands. Wheels are an essential part of your ride, and customized styles of your wheels show your personality. Tacoma TRD pro wheels matte black are a set of beautiful wheels which give the users extreme off-road grip and experience. The next one is to lighten your vehicle. With the advent of new technology, wheels became lighter, stronger, and better than before. The grip, handling, off the road, and on-road experience, as well as endurance of the truck, increases to a great deal with the use of Tacoma TRD pro wheels. Many people use “TRD Pro” and “TRD” interchangeably, but they are different. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and is the elegant image of Toyota. TRD wheels are real extras from TRD USA. TRD Pro is an exceptional finish and an added-on development.

In any event, such an incredible miracle as the TRD Pro package wheel exists, which is a Toyota wheel that says “TRD” on it, but is not available from TRD USA. How does a unique TRD Pro wheel compare to a regular TRD wheel? TRD Pro wheels are slightly smaller than TRD wheels. 7 ” is the width of the former, and 7.5″ is the width of the latter. The TRD Pro wheels also have an offset that widens the position a little. Any compensation does not accompany ordinary TRD wheels. Many people who purchase “replacement” TRD Pro wheels are not replacing the TRD wheels they are upgrading. If you own a Tacoma SR5, there are many replacement TRD Pro wheels available for purchase for your SR5 with ease. Specific variants are available in the market, and users main by then according to their own needs. Some of the most commonly used TRD pro wheels are mentioned here

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Sizes of TRD Pro wheels

TRD Pro wheels are available in 2 sizes: 16 “in size and 17” in width. Both TRD Pro wheels are 7 “wide. The 16” TRD Pro wheels are specifically designed for Tacomas, and the 17 “TRD Pro wheels are made explicitly for 4Runners and FJ Cruisers.

17″ TRD Pro wheels

17″ TRD Pro wheels are available in two different colors, which are available in black matte and gray color. You can also paint your wheels and range according to your own choice. Located in Washington State, these matte black 17-inch TRD wheels are extremely popular with Toyota and 4Runner owners. These are strong and durable, with an aluminum finish and a strong supporting structure. The shade of your TRD Pro wheels can be changed by painting them. You can have your Rims painted by an expert, or you can do it without the help of others. If you do this without the help of others, remember that arrangement is everything when it comes to achieving great results.

Tacoma TRD pro wheels Amazon

The prices may vary depending upon any deals for the market you buy from. 1 Tacoma TRD Pro wheel is available on Amazon for $270, and you can buy four wheels for $1080. As mentioned earlier, these prices may vary from different deals to deal at the market from which you by matters a lot.


Every automobile enthusiast and pickup adventurer knows how the Toyota TRD series has affected the market. Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is a massive beast in the market. It has taken the market by storm because of its unique off-road handling and safety features that allow a whole adventurous experience on a budget. The accessories which come in the Toyota TRD Pro series are also applicable and compatible with other models. Toyota TRD pro wheels are available for a unique experience and better handling. The demand for these accessories has always increased as more people want to upgrade their rides for a multi-purpose experience. You can read more about the rims for these tires on our guide of best rims for tacoma

However, perhaps the most laudable feature of the Tacoma is everything that encompasses the standard safety that Toyota builds into every truck that rolls off the assembly line. It bears the graceful name of Toyota Safety Sense. It has a programmed crisis delay with pedestrian detection, readiness to start when on the move, programmed high pillars, and versatile drive control. Some of these elements, the versatile drive control, are hardly available in Other vehicles or are covered in higher equipment variants. They are standard on the Tacoma, which is a huge bonus. It’s 2024, and if Toyota can fit them into this mature pickup, there’s no reason for various automakers not to include them as standard in their shiny new devices.